Arctostaphylos edmundsii


Common Name: Little sur manzanita


Family: Ericaceae

Origin: California

Type: Evergreen shrub

Size: 3-6 in. high, to 12 feet wide.

Flowers: Tiny white to light pink globe-shaped flowers, spring, reddish brown fruit follows; small medium-green leaves. 

Uses: Ground cover, coastal slopes, wind tolerant, near oak trees, in heat. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Flowers, pollen, and fruit for birds, bees, butterflies. Deer resistant.

Soil: Must be well-drained. Prefers slightly acid soil, but tolerates poor soil as well.

Water: Low to medium. Periodic deep watering is best. Tolerates garden water.

Sun: Full sun or some shade.

Pruning: For light shaping only in early summer and fall. Do not prune in cool wet winter months. Good for bonsai. 

Pests & Diseases: Manzanitas prone to branch die-back from naturally occurring fungal pathogen Sterilize pruning shears. 

Notes: Grows along the coast in around Monterey, California in coastal sage scrub plant community. Many cultivars with showy flowers available. Hardy to 10° F.