Arctotis acaulis 'Magenta'

Arctotis-acaulis- 'Magenta'2.jpg

Common Name: African daisy, big magenta


Family: Asteraceae

Origin: South Africa

Type: Evergreen Perennial

Size: 1 ft. high, spreading to 3-4 ft. wide.

Flowers: 1.5 in. wide magenta flower heads with orange ring around centers, spring to summer; velvety gray foliage.

Uses: Ground cover, color accent, border, color, salt spray, in heat, some wind. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Butterflies, bees like. Deer resistive.

Soil: Prefers loam soil, but tolerates heavier if well-drained.

Water: Low water except when actively growing; drought tolerant.

Sun: Full sun.

Pruning: Prune off spent blooms to keep it blooming.

Pests & Diseases: Root rot if too much water or poorly-draining soil.

Notes: Look for many other Arctotis cultivars in Garden with other brilliant colors. Same family (Asteraceae) as sunflowers. Hardy to 20° F.