Azara microphylla


Common Name:box-leaf azara, chinchin


Family: Salicaceae

Origin: Chile

Type: Evergreen shrub or tree. 

Size: 12 to 18 ft. high; 8 to 12 ft. wide.

Flowers: Fluffy yellow tiny fragrant flowers smell like chocolate or vanilla, late winter, tiny orange-red fruit; evergreen leaves are shiny, round, and dark green.

Uses: Flat branching lends itself to espalier or wall plant; also background shrub/tree. Tolerates salt spray, heat, but not wind.

Wildlife: Fruit for wildlife.

Soil: Tolerates a variety, but should be well-drained.

Water: Medium.

Sun: Full sun to some shade.

Pruning: Prune after bloom to control branching.

Pests & Diseases: (None found.)

Notes: Native to lakesides and woodland edges in Chile and Argentina. Hardy to 10° F.