Banksia repens


Common Name: creeping banksia


Family: Proteaceae

Origin: Australia

Type: Evergreen shrub

Size: 15 in. high and to 9 feet across in wild.

Flowers: Cream-colored flowers (inflorescence) with pink or orange tips in cones to 4 in. long, winter to summer; leaves close to ground with deep lobes, to 16 in. long.

Uses: Ground cover, cut flowers, accent, color.

Wildlife: Flower nectar, habitat for birds.

Soil: Prefers sand. Must be well-drained.

Water: Low to moderate; drought tolerant.

Sun: Full or part sun.

Pruning: Only for shaping and to control size.

Pests & Diseases: Root rot fungi from too much water and poor soil drainage.

Notes: From Western Australia along the south coast where it grows in sand. Sclerophyllous, spiny leaves; sprouts from trunk or lignotubers after fire. Caution: Avoid phosphorus fertilizers.