Cercis occidentalis


Common Name: California or western redbud


Family: Leguminosae

Origin: California

Type: Deciduous shrub or tree. 

Size: 15 ft. high and wide. 

Flowers: Small bright magenta flowers bloom for 3 weeks in spring. More profuse if temp. below 28°. Magenta seed pods. Heart-shaped blue-green 3 in. leaves.

Uses: Dry slopes, accent, near oaks, multiple or single trunk tree near patio or street, near or in lawns. Tolerates heat. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Hummingbirds, butterflies, birds (seeds), habitat. Deer resistant.

Soil: Tolerates a variety including clay.

Water: None to low once established, but grows larger with more. Tolerates varying water conditions.

Sun: Full sun to some shade.

Pruning: To encourage single or multiple trunks. Thin to enhance winter silhouette. 

Pests & Diseases: Some fungal infections such as verticillium wilt, canker, or dieback, leaf spots. Resists oak root fungus.

Notes: In fall, whole plant turns light yellow or red. Seed pods turn reddish-brown and remain through winter on attractive bare branches. Hardy to 0° F.