Cistus salviifolius


Common Name: sage leaf rockrose


Family: Cistaceae

Origin: Mediterranean

Type: Evergreen Shrub

Size: 2 ft. high, 6 ft. wide.

Flowers: 2 in. white flowers with yellow centers and yellow spot at petal base, early spring (1 - 2 weeks); leaves light gray-green, about 1 in. long, textured.

Uses: Slopes, ground cover, erosion control, near oak trees. Tolerates heat, cold, salt spray, wind. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Deer like.

Soil: Likes well-drained, but tolerates poor dry soil.

Water: None to low; some supplementary water in summer only.

Sun: Full sun.

Pruning: Lightly shear back to new growth to enhance; prune old growth to extend life. 

Pests & Diseases: (None found.)

Notes: Looks good all year. Spread out roots if root bound in pot. Good for 3 to 5 years; replace when it gets too woody. C. sp. ‘Blanche’ is larger with white flowers. Hardy to 15° F.