Clematis lasiantha

Clematis lasiantha CU WEB.jpg
Clematis lasiantha KINDIG WEB.jpg

Common Names: virgin’s bower, pipestems


Family: Ranunculaceae

Origin: California

Type: Deciduous vine

Size: To 15 ft high, 15 ft. wide

Flowers: Attractive, silky white 1 in. flowers surrounded by petal-like sepals, spring, summer, dry fruits follow; shiny green leaves.

Uses: Screen along fence, background on trellis, cut flowers, near oak trees. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Bees like.

Soil: Tolerates sand, clay. Found naturally in canyons and near streams, primarily chaparral.

Water: Low; tolerates some flooding.

Sun: Full sun to some shade; keep roots cool. 

Pruning: Cut back stems that have bloomed by one half. Prune out weak and tangled stems.

Pests & Diseases: (None found.)

Notes: Vines wind around other plants that support them. Will climb over small trees and shrubs. Plant where long deciduous period (October to April) is not a problem. Hardy to 10° F.