Correa pulchella


Common Names: Australian Fuchsia

Family: Rutaceae

Origin: Australia

Type: Evergreen shrub

Size: 1 to 2 ft. high, 3 to 4 ft. (to 8ft.) wide

Flowers: Pink fuchsia-like flowers, can be red or orange, late fall, winter, to spring; small 1in. leaves are deep green above and light green below

Uses: Ground cover, slopes, color, mixed plantings, large containers, near oak trees. Tolerates wind, salt spray. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Nectar for hummingbirds. Deer resistant.

Soil: Well-drained; likes poor, rocky soil

Water: Medium, but tolerates drought. Do not overwater. 

Sun: Full sun; some shade in hot climates

Pruning: Prune to keep in check; tends to become rangy. However, regular light pruning simulates new growth and flowers

Pests & Diseases: Overwatering, poor drainage, and over-fertilizing can cause problems

Notes: Native to coastal edges and inland foothills of Australia. From citrus family, not fuchsia family. Similar to Correa calycina. Hardy to 20*F