Elymus condensatus ‘Canyon Prince’ (syn. Leymus condensatus)

Elymus condensatus ‘Canyon Prince’ CU KINDIG WEB.jpg
Elymus condensatus ‘Canyon Prince’ KINDIG WEB.jpg

Common Names: giant wild rye


Family: Poaceae

Origin: California

Type: Perennial grass

Size: 2 to 3 ft. high (to 5 ft. with regular water), spreading

Flowers: Small wheat-colored flowers, summer; long grass-like blue-green leaves.

Uses: Accent, container. border backing, slope bottom, meadows. Tolerates salty air, heat.

Wildlife: Attracts birds, butterflies. Deer resistive.

Soil: Tolerates a variety.

Water: Low. Overwatering causes flat growth. 

Sun: Full sun to some shade.

Pruning: Cut back after new growth starts (late winter to early summer). Remove outer rhizomes (underground stems) to control spread. 

Pests & Diseases: (None found.)

Notes: From the Channel Islands; from a Santa Barbara Botanic Garden selection. Hardy to 15° F.