erigeron crocatum


Common Names: Conejo buckwheat


Family: Polygonaceae

Origin: California

Type: Perennial shrub

Size: 2 ft. high, 3 ft. wide.

Flowers: Brilliant sulfur yellow flowers in broad clusters, early spring to summer; stems and 1 in. leaves covered with white wool.

Uses: Dry slopes, rock gardens, accent, color, borders, near oaks, slopes, containers. Tough; tolerates wind. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Habitat for animals, butterfly larvae; nectar, seeds for birds, butterflies. Deer resistant.

Soil: Tolerates a variety; prefers clay.

Water: Low.

Sun: Full sun; some afternoon shade inland.

Pruning: Prune to shape when young only. Can spread.

Pests & Diseases: (None found.)

Notes: From Ventura County, California. A member of the coastal sage scrub community. A rare and endangered species. Hardy to 15° F.