Euphorbia Bourgeana

Euphorbia-bourgeana(syn. Euphorbia lambii).jpg
Euphorbia-bourgeana(syn. Euphorbia lambii) (2).jpg

Common Names: Tree Euphoria

syn. Euphorbia Lambii


Family: Euphorbiaceae

Origin: Mediterranean

Type: Evergreen shrub

Size: 6-10 ft. high and wide.

Flowers: Light green-yellow flowers (bracts), early spring; long narrow yellow-green leaves.

Uses: Rock garden, major accent, in heat. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Deer resistant.

Soil: Well-drained.

Water: Low; do not water during summer dormancy.

Sun: Full sun.

Pruning: Pruning not recommended as it will spoil natural shape. If a branch needs cutting, beware of irritating sap!

Pests & Diseases: (None found.)

Notes: From the Canary Islands. Hardy to 25° F.