Fremontodendron 'Pacific Sunset'


Common Names: Flannel Bush


Family: Sterculiaceae

Origin: California

Type: Evergreen shrub

Size:  9 to 20 ft. high and wide.

Flowers: Large, bright yellow flowers, spring; small leaves 1 to 2 in., darker green on top, lighter underneath.

Uses: Large areas, dry slopes, natural settings, near oak trees. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Habitat and seeds for birds and other wildlife.

Soil: Prefers lighter soils; heavy soils may kill the plant unless amended.

Water: Some to start; none after 2 years.

Sun: Full sun to some shade.

Pruning: Prune back long shoots; pinch back to keep bushy. Remove lower branches for small tree appearance. 

Pests & Diseases: Scale insects, root and stem rot can be a problem if grown in containers.

Notes: Introduced by Rancho Santa Ana Garden. Cross between F. californicum and F. mexicanum. From sandy places with deep water. Hairs can be irritating. Hardy to 0° F.