Hakea Laurina


Common Names: Pincushion Hakea


Family: Proteaceae

Origin: Australia

Type: Evergreen shrub or tree

Size: 10 to 25 ft. high, 10 to 30 ft. wide.

Flowers: Bright red 2 in. flowers resemble pincushions or sea urchins, winter; leaves are blue-green and narrow to 6 in. long.

Uses: Background, street, or patio tree, screen, cut flowers; difficult growing places.

Wildlife: Flowers attract hummingbirds.

Soil: Tolerates some poorly-draining soil, but can become waterlogged.

Water: None needed after established.

Sun: Full sun; shade causes tall sparse growth, few blooms.

Pruning: Need to be well pruned to keep neat and compact. Start when they are young and just trim 4 to 6 inches from the tip growth.

Pests & Diseases: Fungal diseases, aphids, and cochineals. Root-rot if poorly drained soil and too much water.

Notes: Use low-phosphorus fertilizer if any. Staking is advised. There are some 150 species of hakeas. Hardy to 25° F.