Malacothamnus Clementinus


Common Names: San clemente bush mallow


Family: Malvaceae

Origin: California

Type: Evergreen shrub

Size: 4 ft. high, 5 ft. wide.

Flowers: Pinkish-white to lavender flowers on spikes, early spring to most of year in mild climates; green fuzzy fragrant leaves with white fringes.

Uses: Low background, color accent. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: (None found.)

Soil: Tolerates a wide variety, including clay and sand.

Water: None to low.

Sun: Full sun to some shade.

Pruning: Prune to control size and shape. Cut back in winter. Takes heavy pruning.

Pests & Diseases: Subject to fungal disease in humid environments and to inect pests. 

Notes: From California’s San Clemente Island. Found in rocks on canyon sides. Rare and endangered. Coastal sage scrub plant community. Spreads by underground runners. Hardy to 10° F.