Mimulus Aurantiacus


Common Names: sticky monkey flower


Family: Phyrymaceae

Origin: California

Type: Perennial shrub

Size: 3-4 ft. high and wide (varies with cultivar).

Flowers: Buff orange 2  in. flowers with funnel shape; late spring and summer; longer with water; leaves glossy, narrow, dark green. Many cultivars in other colors.

Uses: Color accents, near oak trees, in heat. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Nectar for hummingbirds. Butterfly larvae. Deer resistant.

Soil: Tolerates a variety, including clay; should be well-drained.

Water: With medium water will bloom most of year.

Sun: Full sun or some shade.

Pruning: Prune in spring before growth starts. Prune after first flowering to promote repeated bloom into fall.

Pests & Diseases: No serious pests or diseases.

Notes: Plant is not long-lived; take cuttings and start in moist sand. Hardy to 15° F.