pelargonium 'Nutmeg'


Common Names: Nutmeg-scented garanium



Family: Geraniaceae

Origin: South Africa

Type: Evergreen shrub

Size: 1 ft. high, 2 ft. wide.

Flowers: Small white flowers in trailing clusters; early summer and longer if cool. Fragrant leaves are gray-green with nutmeg scent.

Uses: Containers, window boxes, rock gardens, ground cover, border; indoors in sunniest, cool window. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Attracts hummingbirds. 

Soil: Light, fast-draining. If alkaline, add peat moss or nitrogen-fortified ground bark or sawdust.

Water: Medium, watering when dry to 1 in. deep. Supplemental winter water if rain scarce.

Sun: Full sun on coast; afternoon shade inland.

Pruning: Labor Day, prune geraniums hard leaving foliage on every stem (a bare stem may die.)  Thanksgiving, cleanup. Winter pruning may kill the plant.

Pests & Diseases: Spider mites, aphids, whiteflies; geranium budworm occasionally in some places. 

Notes: eeds little fertilizer; container plants and those in light, sandy soil need a small amount of slow-release. Makes wonderful sachets, potpourris; can also be used in cooking. Hybrid of South Africa. Hardy to 20° F.