teucrium fruticans 'azureum'


Common Names: tree germander



Family: Lamiaceae

Origin: Mediterranean

Type: Perennial shrub

Size: 3-4 ft. high; 4-5 ft. wide

Flowers: Darker blue flowers in spikes, late winter to early spring (some all year); 1 in. fragrant leaves are gray-green above, with silver-white hairs below. 

Uses: Background screen or clipped to form hedge, slopes, near oak trees. Tolerates heat, frost, wind, and drought. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: Deer resistant.

Soil: Tolerates poor rocky soils; prefers well-drained. Grows on rocky slopes and coast foothills in wild.

Water: Low water once established; tolerates moderate water if in well-drained soil.

Sun: Full sun

Pruning: Deadhead. Can be pruned to a low hedge. If it begins to look leggy, prune hard before new growth begins to spring.

Pests & Diseases: Generally pest and disease free.

Notes: the specimen (Teucrium fruticans) has pale lavender blue flowers; T.c. 'Compactum' grows 4-6 in. high and 3 ft. wide. Hardy to 15° F.