x Amarcrinum memoria-corsii

XAmarcrinum-memoria-corsii (2).jpg

Common Names: crinodonna



Family: Amaryllidaceae

Origin: Mediterranean

Type: Perennial

Size: Leaves to 3 ft. high and wide; flower stalks to 4 ft.

Flowers: Stunning large white fragrant flowers tinted with pink, spring, summer; leaves to 20 in., medium green, sword-shaped.

Uses: Color accent, cut flowers, houseplant. Fire resistive.

Wildlife: (None found.)

Soil: Well-drained; needs ample humus when planting bulbs.

Water: Medium water extends life and bloom.

Sun: Full sun to some shade in heat.

Pruning: In winter the greenery can get slimy, cut to a foot above the ground.

Pests & Diseases: Snail and slugs. 

Notes: Also known as Crinodonna corsii. Actually, a hybrid cross between Amaryllis belladonna and Crinum moorei. Caution: All parts of this plant are poisonous if eaten. Hardy to 10° F.